Lenten Meditations


LENT, 2015

Dear friends,

I'm deeply grateful to the members of Christ Church Cathedral who have contributed to this book of Lenten meditations. They have given us a real gift.

We may best receive it by using it. Place it on the kitchen table, beside the bed, next to a special chair. Consciously set aside a few minutes to read the day's meditation, ponder its application to your life - and pray.

Have you given up something for Lent? Good. Have you taken on something this Lent? Even better. But remember that Lenten disciplines are not an end unto themselves. They are simply aids in becoming as open as possible for taking the scarred, outstretched hand of Jesus on Easter morning - for allowing his victorious love to shine on the shadows of all the broken places in our lives.

That's why this book of Lenten meditations is such a gift. It invites us to come into the presence of God every day during Lent. It offers us a means of being nourished by God's tender mercy every day, as we move together through Lent.

May God so use this book in our lives that we may be filled up and spilling over with joy, as Easter morning dawns.

With love, in Christ,
James G. Munroe